Joe is empowering a generation to create social change

Joe Scarfone has spent 15+ years empowering youth and adult supporters to create change in their communities. He is a speaker and consultant who is driven to show people how they can create impact by harnessing their passion and skills into transformative experiences. 

Joe has worked with over a quarter million change agents to make their world better. He’s served clients ranging from community advocacy programs, coalitions working toward policy change, state agencies working in public health and education, and national social change campaigns. He’s been featured as a keynote speaker, facilitated workshops at numerous conferences, and consulted organizations to reach their full potential.

Joe can help your school or organization take on issues such as leadership, drug prevention, tobacco prevention, bullying, policy change, and more. When you work with him you’ll see why he is one of the most respected youth engagement specialists in the country.

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Check out the latest episode of Joe’s vlog where you can see him in action, catch behind the scenes looks of his work, experience the special moments he shares with his friends and family, and more.

The vlog is a great way to connect with Joe in a way that you aren’t able to with most speakers. See more at

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Featured Post: 5 Social Media Tips for Youth Engagement

Remember the days when a phone was actually used for phone calls? Well, those days are way behind us now thanks to social media. Most young people communicate through Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms instead of traditional communication like calls or emails. This can be a challenge for adults who are trying to reach youth, but it is not impossible.

Social media is a term that freaks out some people because of the ambiguity around it. It is an ever changing communication platform that has transformed the way we connect with each other and share information, and it isn’t a trend that’s going to disappear. This is good because it empowers anyone to be able to create amazing content that impacts an audience without needing to spend major bucks like traditional media campaigns. Yes, even you can create an amazing social media campaign that can clearly and skillfully deliver your message.

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