Joe Scarfone is empowering a generation to create change

Joe Scarfone has spent over 15 years empowering youth and adults to create change in their communities. He is a speaker and consultant who is driven to show people how they can create impact by harnessing their passion and skills into transformative experiences.

Joe engages his audiences in conversation and hands-on experiences so they become active participants instead of passive observers. He brings an unique perspective as a youth leader, a program manager, and a consultant to deliver a comprehensive approach to serve his clients.

When you bring Joe to your event, youth and adults alike will walk away with the vision and skills necessary to create impact on whatever issues they are passionate about. You’ll see why he is one of the most respected youth empowerment experts in the country, and why he is known as Joe Unfiltered.

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Joe has been a featured speaker at numerous events – including national conferences, TEDx, Ignite, and more.

For a taste of Joe’s approach, check out his talk from Ignite Tampa Bay, where he shares his Five Steps to Create Change.

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