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Joe works with non-profits, local coalitions, government agencies, corporations, and more to assist in their mission to impact the people they serve. He understands that no two client’s needs are the same, and that pre-packaged solutions aren’t always the right answer. When you hire Joe, you will have a partner who is ready to work with you to fit your needs and budget. His services are divided into three main offerings, which are detailed below.


Designed for conferences and schools, Joe’s keynotes will leave participants motivated to impact their world. Joe actively engages his audiences through storytelling, entertaining activities, and other participatory learning methods to make the experience memorable and educational. Those who see Joe speak will be ready to take action and lead.


  • Be Unfiltered

    This keynote focuses on how young people can impact their world by being active agents of leadership and positive change. It is designed to inspire youth to discover their passions and harness their creativity so they can positively contribute in their schools and communities.


  • Be The Catalyst

    This keynote focuses on the importance of adults supporting youth in the discovery of what their passions are. It will explore the role that a positive adult mentor can play, give tips on how to connect with youth, and have a little fun with the differences between adults and Millennials.


Joe has developed a very specific method he utilizes to train youth and adults. His workshops use multiple learning styles, are fully hands on, and leave participants able to apply what they’ve learned immediately. By utilizing multimedia, engaging activities, and thought provoking ideas, Joe will leave your team prepared to execute its mission better than ever before.

Youth + Adults

  • Five Steps To Create Change

    This session focuses on the five steps that Joe has identified as a simplified method for accomplishing change – Identify, Engage, Activate, Amplify, and Mobilize. This provides participants with perspective a framework to utilize in creating change on their issues.


  • Stand Up

    This session focuses on the fundamental attributes of leaders and followers, while also examining their roles in successful organizations. Rather than only focusing on leadership, this workshop will also discuss the need to be a strong follower and the critical part they play.

  • Take Action

    This session focuses on the different types of change that you can implement for your issue to create long lasting impact. Participants will learn about social norms change, community change, and policy change, and how each are important to achieve to accomplish your mission.

  • Be Heard

    This session focuses on how to develop a strong issue-based campaign from start to finish. It will cover the importance of branding, messaging, target audiences, content development, new media platforms, utilizing influencers, social media, and how they work together.


  • You're not cool anymore (But that’s oK!)

    This session focuses on the differences and similarities between Millennials and adults. It will dive into how these attributes impact the adult-youth relationship in organizations and movement building while focusing on topics such as teen slang, youth culture, and more.

  • Youth Empowerment 101

    This session focuses on how adults can support the empowerment of youth in their organizations. It will dive into the methodology on how to foster youth leadership, building trust with your youth, the importance of being hands-off, creating a culture of feedback, and more.

  • Social Media 101

    This session focuses on what social media is and how youth are using it today. It will highlight the major social media platforms youth use to communicate, showcase positive usages of those platforms for social impact, reduce the intimidation of social media, and more.


Sometimes we need help to reach our goals and Joe can help your team do just that. He doesn’t come in as an outsider and tell you what to do or believe he knows more than you – he views each client as a partner. Joe will work with your team to discover what methods work best for your organization and objectives, and help you develop a strong strategy for success.

  • Youth Engagement

    Young people are too often looked at as the end result of a problem, rather than the solution to said problem. Joe can help you harness youth as an asset to your cause and see positive results in your effectiveness, engagement, and more.

  • Community Organizing

    Every organization needs a good support system in the community, but sometimes we struggle with who to parter with. Joe can help you identify the right stakeholders in your community, and strategize how to work with them effectively on your issues.

  • Social Marketing

    Creating a strong brand and message can be a struggle sometimes, especially if you are trying to target Millennials to create impact. Joe can assist in your strategy by utilizing strong fundamentals and tactics that will reach your target audience.

  • Project Planning

    The key to a successful project is strong planning. Joe has worked with organizations to help them plan and execute projects such as policy change initiatives, coalition building, and issue campaigns, and he can help your team on your project.

Need Something Else?

The topics listed here for keynotes, trainings, and consulting are just a sample of what Joe offers. To find out what other topics he covers, or to inquire about custom services, contact him today!